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FRLSH (Flame Retardant Low Smoke Halogen)

Applications : Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed protected insulation. Particularly suitable for wiring in fire and explosion prone areas, chemical factories, densely wired areas, public buildings, schools, hospitals, commercial complexes, theatres etc.
Specifications : Generally conforms to, IS: 694, IEC: 60332-1, IEC: 60754-1 IS: 8130 & IS: 5831.
Conductor : Many thin strands of Electrolytic Copper are fine–drawn simultaneously for uniformity of Resistance, Dimension and Flexibility. The Drawn strands are twisted in high precision machines and compacted. This not only imparts circularity to the bunched conductor but also prevents the tendency of the strands to separate and exert internal pressure on the insulation when the cable is bent during installation and usage.
Insulation : Specially formulated high temperature grade of Flame Retardant Low Smoke compound restricts the spread of flames in a fire situation. FRLSH Cables produce ver y less smoke during burning as compared to general purpose cables. This ensures improved visibility for evacuation of trapped victims and facilitates fire-fighting operations.
Marking : The cables are printed with generic marking ‘GEMINI CABLES - FRLSH ( size ) 1100V IS 694 CM/L NO: 8381482
Colours : Double strips of Silver Gray or bright orange on base colour Red, Yellow , Blue, Black, and Green running along the length of the cable.

Conductor Area Sq. Mm Insulation Thickness mm Number of strands/ Nominal Dia. of Strands Max. Overall Diameter mm Conductor Resistance Ohm/km at 200C (Max) Current Rating Amps.
Casting Concealed
1.00 0.7 14/0.3 3.2 18.1 14 13
1.50 0.7 22/0.3 3.4 12.1 18 16
2.50 0.8 36/0.3 4.2 7.41 24 20
4.00 0.8 56/0.3 4.8 4.95 32 26