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Telephone Wire

Applications : Recommended for switchboard and internal telephone wiring in high rise buildings, offices, factories, hotels, residential complexes, transmission of analog and digital signals, internal wiring in faxes, modems, computers, alarm enunciators, data recording / acquisition systems and various communication devices.
Specifications : ITD-S/WS 113C & 114C, DOT GR / WIR 06/02 MAY 94, ITI D 3005 & D2712.
Conductor : The central conductor is made of 99.97% pure solid electrolytic grade copper .
Insulation : Premium quality grade polyethylene used for insulation with several online testing equipments.
Twisted Pairs : The cores are carefully twisted with suitable lays and laid up together to form cable. Special attention given to this stage for minimising cross talk.
RipCord : A nylon rip cord is provided in order to safely peel off the jacket without damaging the cores.
Sheath : The laid up pairs are jacketed with special Flame Retardant (FR) compound to resist flame.

Electrical Parameters
  • Conductor Resistance - 92.20 ohm/km at 20oC Max.
  • Mutual Capacitance - 50nF/km Max.
  • Insulation Resistance in Air - 10000 M-ohm/km.
  • Capacitance Unbalance Pair to Pair - 230 pF/100m Max.
  • Capacitance Unbalance Pair to Ground - 330 pF/100m Max.
  • Resistance Unbalance - 2.5% Max.
Conductor Parameters 1 Pair 2 Pair 3 Pair 4 Pair 5 Pair 10 Pair
Conductor (Solid annealed bare copper) 0.4 mm Diameter (nom.) & 0.5mm diameter (nom)
Insulation Material (0.4 & 0.5 mm dia) High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Insulation Thickness (Average) 0.4mm dia 0.5mm dia 0.17mm, 0.20mm
Diameter of Insulated Conductor 0.4mm dia. 0.5mm dia 0.74mm, 0.92mm
Rip Cord Nylon
Colour Combination For 0.4mm dia & 0.5mm dia
Pair 1 White-Blue White-Blue White-Blue White-Blue White-Blue White-Blue
Pair 2 White-Orange White-Orange White-Orange White-Orange White-Orange
Pair 3 White-Green White-Green White-Green White-Green
Pair 4 White-Brown White-Brown White-Brown
Pair 5 White-Grey White-Grey
Pair 6 Red-Blue
Pair 7 Red -Orange
Pair 8 Red-Green


The Closed Circuit TV / Video Sur veillance business is the fastest growing part of our portfolio of products. Through the convergence of Security and I.P . camera systems and card access are now under direction of the corporate IT Department. There is a tremendous demand currently in the video recording world. Digital Video Recording has taken place of old analog tape systems. End users now can designate space on their network and store footage digitally. This technology upgrade is comparable to how compact disks have led to the demise of cassette players. Remote access is now a standard offering, which requires the assignment of an IP address to your network.

In short, Digital Video Recording :
  • Eliminates the time and effort designated for changing tapes
  • Allows quick playback with enhanced viewing clarity
  • Enables easy remote access from multiple designated PC’s
  • Offers simplified storage on your network
Sr . No. Item Name Overall dia. In mm A. T . C. Cond. Size in mm Cross sect. area in mm Max. Conductor Resistance (ohm/km) at 200C
1 14/40(2+1) 5.4 0.122 0.1636 105.40
2 14/40(3+1) 5.7 0.122 0.1636 105.40
3 14/40(4+1) 5.9 0.122 0.1636 105.40
4 14/40(6+1) 6.8 0.122 0.1636 105.40
5 14/38(3+1) 5.7 0.152 0.2539 67.90

Speaker cables are used to link speakers with receivers or power amplifiers. They are also used for the internal wiring of the speakers. High conductivity copper which is 99.5% pure and which makes audio cable performance comparable to that of oxygen free copper cable is what is what we used to manufacture our CAT 5 cables.