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Pioneering the Wires & Cables Manufacturing Industry in delhi, GEMINI Wires & Cables have been the Reliable Connect to Power since 1980. Be it in the Public or Private Sectors, Industrial or Infrastructure, Railways, Commercial or Residential Buildings, our customers have reliably connected to power through our quality cables and we have always strived to stay abreast of the technological changes. Keeping up with the trend is one thing and going beyond it and in sync with the ever changing technological improvements & innovations in the wire & cable Industry is another. In the last 30 years, GEMINI has evolved with time to meet the growing requirement of customers in the Industrial, Infrastructure, domestic and commercial spaces with applicable statutory and regulatory adherences. Therefore over the years, we have multiplied our customer base by enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our products & processes. we pride ourselves and hold our heads high as we have earned the credibility and loyalty of our customers thanks to the quality products we have been delivering over This journey.

We Love Our Clients

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Who We Are

We believe that we will demonstrate by focusing on company objectives and the needs of our customers and respect people for what they are and their well-being as well as recognize each other efforts and contribution.

Trusted Company

We are upfront, visible and consistent in our actions. We treat everyone equally and are guided by the intent of doing what is right.

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