Gemini offers specially designed cables for CCTV Camera cable for high quality video transmission. These cables are designed to transmit the complete video frequency range with minimum distortion or attenuation. They offer reliable security by withstanding over-heating, seepage, weather changes and rodent attacks.

Salient Features

Minimum distortion of video frequency range Clear Picture even on low frequency

Clear Picture even on low frequency

Technical Details

Screened Core for video signal

Conductor : the central conductor is made of fine wires tin coated electrolytic grade copper

Insulation : the insulation provided over the conductor is of HDPE with high dielectric strength and low capacitance

Screen : Annealed tin coated copper 85% coverage approx

Sheath : Black coloured PVC Power Cores

Separator : PETP Tape

Sheath : PVC

Cable Colour : White

packing : Available in 100 meter packed in carton and 305 meter packed in easy pull box

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